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Psychology of eating

Aside from eating disorders, the psychology behind eating is insufficiently explored. Yet, it is by understanding how food plans and diets are programmed to fail, that we can finally move on to healthier ways of dealing with food and/or body related issues. Emotions, relationships, context (family, school, work…), the image we have of ourselves are […]

Psychological consultations

Some common reasons for a consultation : * Emotional difficulties, chronic distress (fear of failure, chronic anxiety, phobias, poor stress management,…) * Difficulty adjusting to a changing/evolving context, such as a separation, divorce, death, new job, unemployment,… * Relational difficulties at work, with your partner, or family * Intimacy issues (prolonged celibacy, body dissatisfaction, fear […]

Who am I ?

As a clinical psychologist, I study human behavior, thoughts and emotions so I can help my patients better understand and change what generates and maintains inner suffering and/or distress. In the therapy room, I put a special emphasis on creating a conducive space for self-discovery so my patients can safely explore the richness and depth […]


You might be wondering, “what is therapy ?”, or “how can therapy be helpful ?” Therapy is giving yourself permission to take a step aside from your usual daily life, giving yourself a time and space so that you can reflect, understand yourself and others better. Therapy can also help boost social relationships and overall […]


(Ou comment vivre avec son image imparfaite ?) L’insatisfaction corporelle se ressent lorsqu’il y a une trop grande différence entre le corps « vécu », le corps « idéalisé » et le corps « socialement attendu ». Même si certaines personnes parviennent à se sentir bien et satisfaites avec elle-même sur le plan physique, c’est […]


(Et comment augmenter vos chances de suivre une thérapie réussie !) Si vous entretenez certaines idées reçues, il y a de fortes chances pour que vous ne profitiez pas ou peu de vos séances et que vous soyez finalement déçus par rapport à ce qu’une thérapie pourrait avoir de positif dans votre vie. Il existe […]