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Gestion du poids

Many people would give anything to know how to eat what they like, not worry about putting on weight, and feel good about their body. Eating is not only a physiological need but also an emotional need. It is normal for a person to be tempted to eat when feeling bored or after a hard day at work. Often when we try to obtain our ideal weight, we think more about how we can control our eating habits (“not eat this or that”, “think about something else”, “not eat now…”) rather than how we can please ourselves now (“this chocolate is delicious”).

Though it seems at odds with weight loss, never has pleasure and self love been so important in the success of weight management. It is in fact through pleasure eating that one can find satisfaction and therefore not feel the need to continue eating. The problem is rather that the person cannot find satisfaction while eating because of emotions getting in the way, such as guilt about eating certain foods or fear of putting on weight. When we let emotions block us from feeling satisfied, we tend to eat compulsively and may develop an eating disorder, such as overeating even when feeling disgusted or overly full.

The approach I practice in therapy has nothing to do with dieting. It is all about reconnecting the mind to the heart and body while eating. It is based on the well established G.R.O.S. (Groupe de Reflexion sur l’Obésité et le Surpoids- Reflection Group on the Obese and Overweight) approach, which  helps people listen to their hunger and satiety cues instead of eating because of habits. By associating their philosophy to psychology, it is by far the most respectul and loving way you can learn to keep excess weight off, while eat what pleases you and feeling good about it.

Gestion du poids et Liberté

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