Saviez-vous que nous pouvons distinguer 7 sortes de faim différentes? Et vous, vous avez faim de quoi ?   La faim des yeux La faim du nez La faim de la bouche La faim de l’estomac La faim des cellules La faim de l’esprit La faim du cœur   Référence au livre : « Manger […]

Psychology of eating

Aside from eating disorders, the psychology behind eating is insufficiently explored. Yet, it is by understanding how food plans and diets are programmed to fail, that we can finally move on to healthier ways of dealing with food and/or body related issues. Emotions, relationships, context (family, school, work…), the image we have of ourselves are […]

Who am I ?

As a clinical psychologist, I study human behavior, thoughts and emotions so I can help my patients better understand and change what generates and maintains inner suffering and/or distress. In the therapy room, I put a special emphasis on creating a conducive space for self-discovery so my patients can safely explore the richness and depth […]