Eating issues

« I have an eating problem. How can a psychologist help me? » We could understand an eating related issue as an attempt to solve inner distress. The “food solution” allows us to better tolerate certain emotions, relationships or situations. Without surprise, this type of solution generates other difficulties such as unwanted weight gain, body dissatisfaction and […]

Psychological consultations

Some common reasons for a consultation : * Emotional difficulties, chronic distress (fear of failure, chronic anxiety, phobias, poor stress management,…) * Difficulty adjusting to a changing/evolving context, such as a separation, divorce, death, new job, unemployment,… * Relational difficulties at work, with your partner, or family * Intimacy issues (prolonged celibacy, body dissatisfaction, fear […]


You might be wondering, “what is therapy ?”, or “is therapy what I need ?” Therapy is giving yourself permission to take a step aside from your usual daily life, a time and space to reflect, understand yourself and others better. Therapy can also help boost social relationships and overall connection, thanks to better communication […]