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You might be wondering, “what is therapy ?”, or “how can therapy be helpful ?

Therapy is giving yourself permission to take a step aside from your usual daily life, giving yourself a time and space so that you can reflect, understand yourself and others better. Therapy can also help boost social relationships and overall connection, thanks to better communication and emotional coping skills. By regaining enough motivation and autonomy, you should be able to pursue life in a more meaningful way. The main objective of therapy, however, is to alleviate suffering while focusing on what is important for you.

Who am I ?

Ingrid Richaud, psychologue clinicienne et spécialiste des troubles du comportement alimentaire

As a psychologist, I study human behavior, thoughts and emotions so I can help my patients better understand and change what generates and maintains inner suffering and/or distress.

In the therapy room, I put a special emphasis on creating a conducive space for self-discovery so my patients can safely explore the richness and depth of their emotions and inner world. One of the aspects I most appreciate about my sessions with patients is working on creating new perspectives that will best suit the reality in which they choose to live. I believe that perspective shape reality. This is why questioning perspectives, especially those that keep us stuck in a rut, can be so liberating and rewarding.

My formal training, professors and mentors, as well as travels and experiences abroad have made me a psychologist who is particularly sensitive to the influence of the environment (with its norms and belief systems) on psychological well-being. Being of French and American descent, fluent in both languages, I had the opportunity to… (Read more)

Part of my practice is also devoted to helping people with eating disorders (bulimia with or without purging, anorexia, compulsive overeating) or more generally, with a difficult relationship to food and/or their image (body dissatisfaction … (Read more)

Psychological consultations

Do you sometimes feel that no matter how much you try to change things, you are still turning in circles… that certain thoughts, emotions and/or behaviors prevent you from progressing towards your goals ?

Here are some common problems addressed in my private practice :

  • Lack of motivation,

  • Stress management,

  • Burn-out Syndrome,

  • Emotional coping,

  • Relational difficulties (couple, family, work),

  • The psychology behind eating,

  • Body image dissatisfaction,

  • Communicational difficulties.

Whatever the nature of your concern, I ask you to consider this : why wait any longer and risk feeling worse when you can choose to feel better ?

If you are considering therapy, please read the section entitled « Before Signing Up For Therapy ».

Psychological consultations give you a confidential space where you can speak freely and think more in depth about what is keeping you from leading a more meaningful life. Together we will look at how we can reactivate your own resources so that ultimately you can use them and find the confidence and motivation you need to continue on your own.

Consultations for adults and adolescents (for consultations in French, click here).

Schedule an appointment :

By phone : +32 472 71 29 30 

By email : psy.irichaud@gmail.com

Consultations by appointment only :

Centre 67Health Center

Rue de Mons, 67, 1400 Nivelles

All the consultations are held in Nivelles (easy access from Braine l’Alleud, Waterloo, Charleroi) and online.

Where can I park for free ?

On this map you can find dozens of free parking places close to the Center 67.

Current context of Covid-19 :

For the health and safety of each other, please take note of the following security measures :

  • To avoid staying too long in the waiting room, please arrive on time for your appointment;
  • Masks must be worn in session;
  • For the payment of sessions, please bring the right amount with you or use a mobile banking app;
  • Please wash your hands upon arrival, after using the toilet, and after touching your face. You can do this using your own hand sanitizer, or using the soap and paper towels that are provided to you, in the bathroom;
  • As our comfortable armchairs cannot be disinfected but we still wish to use them, we ask you to bring a cover (1.70m) or two small towels (for the arm rests) for each session. Plastic chairs will be available and disinfected just in case;
  • Between each session, the door handles will be disinfected using spray and paper towel;
  • If you are sick, stay at home, we can start or continue sessions safely, online.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

Online Therapy (for patients already in therapy)

For clients that are not able to make it to the Center 67 because of being homebound, or more generally, because of health problems, work schedules, travel or home caring for the family, I now offer the possibility to do online sessions by phone (+32 472 71 29 30) via the secured application « Signal » or via the computer software « Jitsi». To know more about this software, click here.

For this second option you will need a well charged, computer or smartphone with camera, a good internet connection and an updated version of either Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser. Please make sure you find a space and time where you will not be bothered (phone in silent mode if possible).

I will give you more instructions by email. No worries, the program is fast, free, and easy to install.

When contacting me by email, please leave me with the following information :

  • Last Name, First name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number 
  • Availability
  • Name of Health Insurance
  • Country

Please note that your personal data is strictly confidential and will not be shared with 3rd parties (GDPR).

Once you have received confirmation for your appointment, proof of payment (bank transfer : BE51 3770 6195 6462) must be submitted before the beginning of the session. If not, the reservation will not be considered confirmed.

Sessions last 45 minutes each.

Should you have to cancel your reserved appointment, please take note that there is a 48 hour notice policy. This policy allows me to give your appointment time to another patient. Within the 48 hours prior to our meeting, whether you show up or not, the consultation will be billed.

Licensed psychologist n°882214277

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