Who am I ?

Ingrid Richaud, psychologue clinicienne As a cognitive and behavioral psychologist, my ultimate goal is to help people get better using a very specific proven method. I specialize in helping clients with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, communication problems, and eating issues. I pay special attention to adapt the sessions to your specific needs and personal objectives by helping you improve your social and emotional health as well as address any concerns you may have about other personal issues, be it with work, your relationships, or self-image.

After encountering many tools and approaches, I chose to specialize in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT is a well-documented model encompassing many different tools such as mindfulness, focusing on actions, increasing flexibility, values work, and building motivation.

I also have expertise in eating disorders and more generally, in eating psychology. For this, I base my work on Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati’s Bio-Psycho-Sensorial Approach. It is, to my knowledge, the best way to treat an eating disorder as well as any other kind of suffering linked to eating and body dissatisfaction. The idea behind it is not to tell you what to eat but to help you change your eating behavior by letting your body signals guide you. Listening to your hunger cues, understanding your emotional needs, and finding pleasure and satisfaction in food are some of the key elements that will help you find and maintain your weight and peace of mind.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree at Wells College (Aurora, New York) and a Master’s Degree at the Université Catholique de Louvain  in psychology, I have consistently updated my education with workshops, regular trainings, and continued readings. For instance, “The key tools to leading a happier life” workshop is one of the trainings I regularly bring to the therapy room when appropriate.

I am currently enrolled in a 4 year program in Systemic Family Psychotherapy as it is essential for me to offer the best possible care to patients. This will mostly come in hand for patients with relational difficulties (couple, family and /or workplace environment).


Continued training and education :


Systemic Family Psychotherapy by CEFORES, Centre Chapelles-aux-Champs

(4 years – in progress)Logo UCL Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve

Post-traumatic stress disorder and Complicated Grief by Christophe Herbert

January 2019FormationsPsy

Burn-out Syndrome by Professor Jacques de Mol

January 2019FormationsPsy

MBSR (Mindfulness based Stress Reduction)

8 week cycle with Doctor Bernadette Dupuis

April 2018- June 2018

Malignant Narcissist and his accomplice by Alberto Eiguer FormationsPsy

May 2018

Regular Trainings in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Since 2015

Logo Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

ACTiff, Licence 82691122869

What prevents me from acting ?Logo CentrEmergences Centre de développement personnel et coaching louvain-la-neuve

Centre Emergence de Louvain-La-Neuve

September 2015

Conflict Management and Non Violent CommunicationLogo Univers Santé de l'UCL

Univers Santé, UCL

November 2014

The key tools to leading a happier lifeLogo UCL Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve



SAVAR (Sexual Assault Victims Advocate Ressource)Logo SAVAR Sexual Assault Victims Advocate Ressource

Cayuga Counseling Services


Association member :

GROS – Reflection Group on the Obese and Overweight

Le GROS - Le Groupe de Réflexion sur l'Obésité et le Surpoids
ACBS – Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

ACBS - Association for Contextual Behavioral Science
AFSCC – French Speaking Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

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