Psychological consultations

Some common reasons for a consultation :


Emotional issues, such as feeling anxious/stressed, fatigued, burned-out, anger, a sensation of failure, general sadness, or depression

Difficulty adjusting to a change, such as a separation, divorce, death, new job, or unemployment

Relational difficulties at work, with your partner, or family

Intimacy issues

Existential related questions (sense of self and purpose in the world)

An unhealthy relationship with food or an eating disorder, such as chronic yoyo dieting, anorexia, bulimia, overweight, and obesity


Psychological consultations give you a confidential space where you can speak freely and think more in depth about what is keeping you from moving on and leading a more meaningful life. My purpose is to help you get out of any vicious cycles you might be stuck in and ask you questions that will help you shift your perspective about the problems you are facing.
You are welcome to come for an in-depth therapy work or perhaps, sometimes for an emergency, just once to ask about a particular subject, or just unload unnecessary burden.
Whatever the reason may be, I invite you to ask yourself why wait to feel even worse before deciding to get better ?

Consultations: Adults, adolescents, and children (if under 10, it is preferable they be accompanied). French or English speaking consultations, as I am a native speaker of both languages.


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Carte d'Ingrid Richaud (recto) , psychologue à Wavre et à Nivelles (Brabant Wallon)Carte d'Ingrid Richaud (verso), psychologue à Wavre et à Nivelles (Brabant Wallon)